Early French Facon De Venise Wine Glass c1720

Heading :  French Facon De Venise Wine Glass c1720
Date : 1690-1740
Origin : Probably Liege or Orleans
Colour : Clear grey and amethyst hue
Bowl : Round funnel
Bowl Features : Diamond moulding
Stem : Knopped with spiral moulding
Foot : Conical & folded
Pontil : Snapped
Glass Type : Potash
Size : Height 13.2cm, bowl 6.5cm and foot 7.1cm
Condition : Very good. There is a small burst bubble on the exterior of the bowl. The bowl has a perceptible lean as it has sagged when annealing, a common feature with early glass
Restoration : None
Weight : 81 Grams


The form is usually associated with the Bonhomme glass house, or Nizet in Liege. This glass has been doped with "glass makers soap" manganese oxide, this is converted to sodium permanganate over long periods and this has resulted in a pale amethyst tinge. It has a higher relative density than later glasses of the same form. This may be due to potash being used at higher levels as a flux

Dating is difficult as the same style was produced from 1680-90 up to 1735-40 firstly in Orleans and then Liege





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