Set of Six Rene Lalique Wingen Pattern Liqueur Glasses Designed 1926- Marcilhac 5113

Heading : Rene Lalique Wingen Pattern Licqueur Glasses
Period : Designed 1926, not continued after 1947
Origin : Wingen-sur-Moder, Alsace, France
Colour : Clear 
Bowl : Cup shaped
Stem : Hollow, open to the foot
Foot : Conical. Moulded mark R LALIQUE on the base and engraved R Lalique and the model number Nr5113
Glass Type : Demi-crystal
Size :  6.4 cm height, bowl 5.7 cm diameter
Condition : Excellent, no cracks. The outside edge of the foot-rim is slightly chamfered on all the glasses as part of the design to avoid them having a sharp, 90 degree corner; on one of the glasses, however, this chamfered area is a little wider in parts than it is elsewhere, presumably where tiny chips have been ground down and on another two, there are tiny nibbles still present
Restoration : See above 
Weight:  476 grams in total



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