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Egyptian Revival Silver Plate and Glass Centrepiece c1930


Product Code:LDC620

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Out of stock


Heading : Egyptian revival silver plate and glass centrepiece
Date : c1930
Period : Interware
Origin : Probably Germany

Decoration : Scalloped edged bowl with and graduated diamond cutting. Silver plating in the form of a winged cat. possibly a representation of the Egyptian goddess Bastet.
Size :  35.9cm height. 22.7cm diameter bowl.
Condition : Excellent. a little rubbing to the plating on the base.
Restoration : None
Weight : 3812 grams

The Egyptian Revival began in 1922 when Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered in the Valley of the Kings by Howard Carter and his team. The discovery of the stunning array of Egyptian art lead to a European fascination with Egyptology and Egyptian design. This fascination lasted until roughly the late 1930s.

The winged cat is a common feature of Egyptian architecture and painting and this is most likely just another example of this although they are occasionaly associated with Bastet and to a lesser degree Hathor or Sekhmet.

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Weight5000 g


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