An Andre Delatte Art Deco Coupe Ouverte c1925

Heading : A amber glass coupe ouverte
Date : c1925
Origin :
Jarville, Nancy, France
Bowl Features :
A geometric design cut into the underside of the dish
Marks : Incised signature on rim of foot A Delatte Nancy
Type : Amber glass
Size : Height 8cms , diameter 36.5cms
Condition : Excellent, age related wear on underside of the foot. There are the remains of a punty scar in the broad polished pontil, it does not detract
Restoration : None
Weight : 2260 grams

Additional Information : The output of Delatte is very underrated. This is as good as any coupe produced by the nearby Daum factory of the same period. Delatte did "obtain his inspiration" from Daum, this was tye subject of litigation.


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