A Tall Daum Nancy Art Deco Glass Vase c1930

Heading : A tall Daum Nancy vase
Date : c1930
Origin : N
ancy France
Bowl Features :
Bells shapes with folded foot. Abstratct acid cut design
Marks : DAUM ☨ NANCY FRANCE incised on upper surface of the foot
Type : Grey tinted lead glass
Size : Height 31.7cms
Condition : Excellent
Restoration : None
Weight : 1794grams

Additional Information : Daum signatures themselves can provide good dating evidence. Early signatures are not all capitalised and will be on two lines. This signature is linear and all capitalised. This was not used until 1910. The final word in the signature "France" was not added until after 1919.

The colour is also a useful guilkde . The grey tinted glass was not used until 1923-4 and ceaed to be ued on deco designs after 1934


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