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Jobling Opalique Fircone Pattern Glass Bowl c1935

Heading : A Jobling
Period : George V
Date : c1935
Origin : Wear Flint Glassworks, Sunderland. England
Colour : Opalescent
Bowl : Moulded fircones and needles. Base marked REGD No 777153
Pontil : Press moulded
Glass Type : Jobling Opalique glass
Size :   21.3cms
Condition : Excellent
Restoration : None
Weight : 620g

Originally Greener and Co, the company was sold to its major creditor industrialist James Jobling. The high end moulded and hand finished glass produced by Lalique was commercially ripe for a rival. Opalique glass was developed after years of experimentation and was spurred on by Jobling having failed to reach a licensing agreement with Lalique and Sabino to reutilise their designs.

The can do attitude has to be admired and we know that this persists in Sunderland to this day. At the time these were produced in limited runs but at a competitive price advantage to Sabino and Lalique. The moulding is actually better than the French opposition, there are no visible flash lines and they were not hand finished.

We hope that this attitude is resurrected at a national level following the 29th March 2019.


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