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Walther & Sohne Art Deco Amethyst Powder Box c1935

Heading : Walther & Sohne Art Deco amethyst powder box
Date : c1935
Origin : Germany
Colour : Amethyst with bronze oroplastic band
Bowl : Oroplastic band displaying abstract Hellenistic figures. 
Pontil : Polished
Glass Type : Lead
Size : 14.8cm diameter, approx 8cm height

Condition : Excellent, no chips or cracks
Restoration : None

Weight :  735 grams

The amethyst colour and the oroplastic band is most associated with Moser's work. Walther & Sohne produced a number of designs with this style during the Art Deco period. The history of the company is sadly rather obscure, very little has been published about them to date. We know that it was founded by August Walther in 1888 and was eventually nationalised following World War 2 becoming VEB Sachsenglas. Following reunification they, along with most East German glassmakers, closed. 


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