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James Powell Whitefriars Comet Vase c1930

Heading : A vase by James Powell, Whitefriars
Date : c1930
Period : George V
Marks :None
Origin : Wealdstone
Colour : Two colourway , topaz blue and citrine
Pattern : Comet
Features : Two colourway with comet trailing
Condition : Excellent
Restoration : None
Dimensions : 17cm tall, 15cm bowl, 8.6cm foot
Weight : 927 grams

We thought this may be from the "Glasses with Histories" design series by Harry Powell, a "comet" vase. These were inspired by 17th century and earlier Dutch glass. However all the decorative items form that series are more lightweigh and thingly blown, the colours in this vase are aldo too vivid toi be from the early production run c1905.

The design is a blend of styles. The prunts are arts and crafts, the high contrast colours and design are pure 30s deco. We have read that Barnaby Powell and the designer James Hogan modernised the styles from the glasses with histories series. Hogan did not join Powell and sons until 1932 and the series seems to have petered out of production by 1940. Although the comet trailing was used from 1910 onwards the head of the comet is removed in later examples.

The prunts with the dimple pattern are a "signature" of Powell. They are more widely used in the 1931 catalogue in conjunction with the "teared" vases than in the 1938 catalogue. By 1941 they disappear.

We conclude that 1930 to 1940 is therefore a reasonable proposed date range and most probably closer to 1930. We look forwarsd to having this description refined by the Whitefriars collectors.





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