A Loetz Papillon Glass Vase c1902


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Heading : A Loetz Papillon vase
Date : 1899-1905
Origin : Klostermuhle. Southern Bohemia ( Now Czech Republic)
Colour : Iridescent purple . green and blue
Bowl Features : A deep emerald green ground with iridescent coating

Pontil : Moulded
Size : 22.5cm tall. maximum width 11.0
Condition : Excellent
Restoration : None
Weight :  360 grams

Additional Information : The Papillon range was launched in 1899 Max Ritter Von Spaun the grandson of Johan Loetz. Spaun had concentrated the firms research efforts on iridescence and patented the process for a metallic finish on glass in 1895. This was extended to blue and gold coloured finishes a year later. The papillon range was launched in Paris in 1899 with the metallic finish applied on cased glass. This was discontinued in favour of single skinned vessels after 1904 or 1905 .



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Weight750 g


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