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A Modern Stylish Spirit Decanter


Product Code:2018042455

Out of stock

Out of stock


Heading : Modern spirit decanter
Date : Late 20th century
Origin : Most probably Czech
Colour : Pale lime green body
Stopper :
red stopper with aventurine
Body : tapered
Pontil : Moulded
Glass Type : Lead
Size : 32.5cm tall by 11.2cm base
Condition : Excellent
Restoration : None
Weight : 1272 grams

One of the new lady members of the team specialises in mid 20th century and modern glassware. Welcome aboard Germaine. She thought it was about time we put all the “old stuff” to one side.

This really does make a huge statement. At over 12 1/2 inches tall this is stylish and colourful. Definitely one for clear grain based spirits.



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Weight2000 g


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