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Cranberry and Clear Cased Glass Claret Jug c1900


Product Code:2018042453

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Out of stock


Heading : Antique gilded claret jug
Date : 1880-1910
Origin : German. Austrian. Bohemian
Colour : Clear glass cased in cranberry glass  and gilded
Neck : Slice cut with a cross cut band. The cranberry glass has been cut away in the upper neck
Body : Cased cranberry gilded with vine leaves
Foot: Clear glass with gilded rim and broad polished pontil
Glass Type : Sods lime
Size : 34cm tall. 10 cm wide. 10 cm foot
Condition : Excellent.
Restoration : None.
Weight : 1154 grams

The clear glass neck is such a good idea. you may see the contents reach the neck when in use.


Additional information

Weight2000 g


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