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Moser Gilded Glass Pillow Vase c1900


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Heading : Moser glass pillow vase
Date : c1900
Period : Early 20th century
Origin : Bohemia
Colour : Moser cranberry
Body : ‘Pillow’ vase form. The high relief gilding forms strawberry vines which encrusts the entire body. further gilding to the rim and feet
Feet : Three applied ribbed shell feet give a pedestal to this outstanding piece
Glass Type : Lead free crystal . high potassium oxide
Size : 11.2cm tall with an approximately 12.1cm by 9.6cm body
Condition : Excellent. no chips or cracks. clean and clear with minor gilding wear.
Restoration : None
Weight : 443 grams

Additional Information : In a glassmaking context. the name Moser was brought to prominence by Ludwig Moser (1833-1916) whose governance saw his eponymous company grow from a modest engraving facility established in 1857 to being the purveyor of some of the most sought-after pieces in Europe. The company’s clientele included the very highest echelons of society. with items produced for the Vatican. the Shah of Persia. imperial courts. sultanates and our own King Edward VII. A policy of recruiting the most highly regarded designers. engravers and glass cutters of the time to work from the nascent company’s base in Karlsbad. Bohemia. ensured that a pool of expertise was on hand in order to turn out exquisite pieces to service and satisfy the demands of such esteemed customers. and to ensure that the name Moser became synonymous with exquisitely fashioned products.
Having initially bought in blanks from other manufacturers to be processed by his in-house finishers. Ludwig acquired a glass factory in Meirhofen in 1893 and began to produce his own pieces in their entirety. This new enterprise was incorporated under the name Karlsbaderglasindustrie Gesellschaft Ludwig Moser & Söhne om 1893 (Rudolf and Gustav being the additional bearers of the family name at the time).
Ludwig’s death in 1916 saw another family member. Leo. take over the reins and under his jurisdiction the company expanded at a faster rate than ever before. The quantity of glassware being produced was never allowed to compromise quality. however. and many awards were garnered for continually stunning and innovative designs.
To this day. the company is a significant producer of high quality material. and has set the green standards for the industry by way of producing lead-free crystal to exacting eco-friendly criteria. The legacy of over 150 years of glassmaking excellence continues to be enhanced. but it is with the ownership of early pieces that one can perhaps garner a more pure appreciation of the skills that were to become the hallmarks of Moser quality. An item such as this would be a joy to number amongst your possessions. coming as it does from towards the start of the Moser company’s ascension to its place at the very pinnacle of its sphere of endeavours.

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