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Six Signed Moser Alexandrite Schnapps Glasses


Product Code:20032318

Out of stock

Out of stock


Heading : A set of six Alexandrite schnapps glasses
Origin :
Colour :
Changes from mauve to light blue between natural and artificial light
Bowl :
Internally optical moulding. Ogee shape bowl
Stem :
Tapered with central swelling
Foot :
Low conical. Recursive acid etched Moser mark
Glass Type :
Alexandrite. Moser lead-free crystal
Size :  9.5cm height.  4.3cm diameter bowl. 4.6cm diameter foot 
Condition : Excellent. no chips or cracks 
Restoration : None 
Weight:  230 grams combined

The perfect size for sherry or neat gin

Alexandrite glass was produced from 1922 onwards. This is a Joseph Hoffmann design. however the designs were used long after Hoffmann. Dagobert Peche and other members of the Wiener Werkstatte had ceased to design for Moser and Sohne. 

All pieces are marked with an acid etched Moser within an oval. The r is extended and underlines the name. This mark was not used until 1946 and ceased to be used after 1954




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Weight250 g


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