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Amethyst Spirit Decanter Bottle and Shot Glasses c1900


Product Code:2018080110

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Out of stock


Heading : A gilded liqueur or schnapps set
Date : c1900
Origin : Austria or Bohemia
Colour : Deep amethyst fading to clear. The colour is also graduated across each shot glass
Stopper : Hollow ball
Neck : Amethyst with gilded bands
Body : A gilded band of chased scrolls suspending gilded pendants and foliate swags
Pontil : Polished
Glass Type : Lead free crystal
Size : Decanter 24cms tall and the glasses are 4.6cms tall
Condition : A little limescale residue on the base internally and some mossing on the base. Minor loss of gilding on some of the rims of the shot glasses.
Restoration : None
Weight : 640g

This could be Walther Sohne or Moser or one of many Austrain or Bohemian manufactories. research has proved to be inconclusive. Attribution matters little when an item is both beautiful and functional.

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Weight750 g


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