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Pairpoint Buckingham Pattern Rock Crystal Glass Bowl c1925


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Heading : A rock crystal glass bowl
Date :c1925
Origin : New Bedford. Massachussets. USA
Colour : Clear
Bowl Features : Deep cut and polished rock crystal engraving with swags of fruit and flowers suspended from a neoclassical border.
Flared rim with cut reticello design with polished olives inside every mesh
Foot : Undercut with laurel wreath and flower
Pontil : The underside is cut and polished
Type : Lead glass
Size : 13.8cm tall with a 30.7 cm bowl and 13.4 cm foot  
Condition : Some mossing on the foot on the wear line as anticipated
Restoration : None
Weight :  2100 grams

Additional Information : The deep cut rock crystal style with every cut element being polished rather than being left matt was first elaborated by Frederick Kny and William Fritsche at Thomas Webb. both of whom maintained their own workshops within the manufactory. Frederick Carder soon adopted the same style for Stevens and Williams and it was also deployed by Northwood.

The Webb and Stevens and Williams designs that utilise the rock crystal style are all more neoclassical than those from Northwood. We have been unable to locate any examples of this shape bowl being produced by Northwood.

Both Webb and S+W deployed the reticello style rims. We did favour Stevens and Williams solely on the basis that the cutting is not as intense as the examples attributed to Webb.

This is one of those occasions when attribution is of little significance when the aesthetics are just so good. However. our sincerest thanks are due to a USA based customer who has such an item within their own collection for proving that this is the “Buckingham” pattern produced by the Pairpoint manufacturing company of New Bedford.

Here are some examples from Corning Museum

A pair of vases

A pair of candlesticks

We have previously only seen one piece of Pairpoint  a lamp with metal base and the glass shade internally painted with a cornfield and wild flowers with a dealer in New York.



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Weight3000 g


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