Large Cut Glass Turnover Rim Pedestal Bowl - 20th century

Heading : Large Cut Glass Turnover Rim Bowl - 20th century
Period : Post war
Origin : Unknown
Colour : Clear and bright
Bowl : Beautifully cut floral and fruit decoration to the rim with lens cutting. Diamond cut band around the centre of the bowl with slice cutting to the base
Stem : Slice cut 
Foot : Conical with mitre cutting to the edge and radial cut underside
Pontil : Polished
Glass Type : Lead
Size : 23cm height, 28cm diameter bowl, 13cm base.
Condition : Excellent
Restoration : None 
Weight: 3940 grams 

A very fine modern replica of the earlier classic Irish cut glass designs from the likes of Waterford. Despite being a modern it is nevertheless a stunning and imposing centrepiece. We thought th

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