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George V Coronation Commemorative Coin Goblet c.1911

Heading : Large George V coronation commemorative goblet
Date : 1911
Period : George V 
Origin : England, probably Powell and Soms
Colour : Clear with gilded detail
Bowl : Bell
Stem : Large hollow central knop with commemorative silver three pence coin.
Foot : Conical and folded
Pontil : Snapped
Glass Type : Lead
Size : 25.5cm tall,  12.5 cm bowl and 12 cm foot

Condition : Excellent, no chips or cracks
Restoration : None

Weight :  715 grams

Commemorative Goblet for the coronation of the Monarch who led the Britain, and much of the world, through World War I. This goblet, made three years or a little more before the world was thrust into war by George's cousin Kaiser Wilhelm II.

It is a stunning example of English design and in excellent condition. The knop contains a commemorative silver three pence piece. Later in 1911 George, in his capacity as Emperor of India, travelled to Nepal and shot twenty one tigers and eight rhinoceroses in 10 days. While this glass may not be as impressive as hanging a tiger's head on your wall it would still make a fine addition to any antique hunter's collection.  


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