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Commemorative Abdication Pint Tankard 1937

Heading : Commemorative pint tankard from the abdication of Edward VIII
Date : 1936
Period : Edward VIII/George VI
Origin : England 
Colour : Clear
Bowl : Straight cylinder engraved with "?R THE KING GOD BLESS HIM AH BUT WHICH? How quickly can devotion switch the votive scroll from nice to niche" and the date 1937 and Edward's monogram 
Stem :
Foot :
Pontil :
Glass Type : Lead
Size : 15cm tall, 14.5  cm bowl and 10.5 cm foot

Condition : Excellent, no chips or cracks
Restoration : None

Weight :  661 grams

The abdication of Edward VIII is arguably the greatest constitutional crisis the United Kingdom of Great Britain has ever experienced, even taking into account the prospect our leaving the European Union, Brexit (or not).

Edward's decision to marry the twice divorced American socialite Wallis Simpson threw the establishment into a state of bewildered panic. Rumours that whilst being involved with the King she was also involved with a married mechanic led Joseph Kennedy, father of JFK, to call her a "tart" and Winston Churchill, a man for whom public service clearly meant more than it did for Edward, described her as being "the lowest of the low." Hardly the kind of woman the people wanted to see as Queen.

The King however, whether driven by love or foolishness, refused to budge and chose to abdicate the throne rather than lose "the woman I love." This excellent tankard is cheekily inscribed "The King God Bless Him, Ah But Which?" a reference to the unprecedented constitutional confusion caused by the event.

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