Wild Boar Gin Pig c1910


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Heading : A wild boar “gin pig”
Date :
Origin :
Karhula Glasbruk. Finland
Colour :
Clear. smokey hue
Stopper :
Body :
A sedentary wild boar
Glass Type : Lead.
Size :  23cm length. 12cm height.
Condition : Very good. No chips or cracks. A light band of limescale inside.
Restoration : None
Weight : 618 grams


A superb “gin pig” decanter c1910. A sedentary boar with spout at the end of his nose. This pig was made in Finland at the Karhula Glasbruk. Zoomorphic dercanters and flasks are known from the early 17th century and pigs certainly were a popular option. We are advised that many of these were end of day items. made to use surplus glass. “friggers”. However this pig was actually a design item and that it appears in the aforementioned factory catalogue from 1890 and was made in this form for a couple of decades. We are advised that early versions have tusks and that later versions lose the ridge on their backs.

References :

The Decanter an Illustrated history of glass from 1650 By Andy McConnell – Page 467 Plate 654.


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