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A Square Base Cut Glass Rummer

Heading : An English style square base cut glass rummer
Period : Modern
Origin : Czech republic
Colour : Clear 
Bowl : Of wide ovoid type well cut with two bands of individual stars above basal petal cutting. Flat polished rim
Stem : Of capstan type
Foot : Of square section with starburst cutting to the underside
Glass Type : Lead free
Size :  13cm height
Condition : Excellent, no chips or cracks 
Restoration : None 
Weight:  382 grams 

This was sent to us by a customer in Birmingham. This was purchased online and was sold as a Georgian glass rummer. Please note

1. The chamfering on the leading edge of the square foot.

2. The perfectly symmetrical cutting beneath the foot. The right hand side and left hand side of each spoke and identical and all are of identical length

3. The evenly space engraved stars on the bowl, all perfectly identical

4. The polished rim of the bowl.

5. The colour, it is far too bright and and the glass too clean

All are immediately obvious within good images, taken from above the bowl.


These are being made in the Czech republic, we know as we have been sent two brochures. We have purchased this from our customer for what he paid and are selling it at the price at which they are being sold by the manufacturer to the "trade" in the UK including shipping and taxes. 


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