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Engraved Lemon Squeezer Foot Rummer

Heading : Engraved Lemon Squeezer Foot Rummer
Period : Modern
Origin : Unknown
Colour : Clear 
Bowl : Pointed funnel . Engraved swags and tassels with polished detail
Stem : Capstan
Foot :  Lemon squeezer
Glass Type : Lead 
Size :  15.4 cm height, 8 cm diameter bowl, 7.7 cm (diagonal) diameter foot 
Condition : Excellent, no chips or cracks 
Restoration : None 
Weight: 338 grams 

The glass is bright with a very slight green tinge. The "lemon squeezer" moulding is shallow. The cuts have been made with the leading edge of a modern cutting wheel at an oblique angle, the cuts are L-shaped with a long foot. The shape is also not 18th  or 19th century. The leading edges on the upper foot are chamfered.The glass is free of inclusions and tooling marks.


That said this will be a good glass to use it is weighty , tactile and attractive



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