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Whitefriars Paperweight Faceted Millefiori 1974


Engraved Georgian Wine Glass with Facet Cut Stem c1770


Giles Gilded Opaque Twist Ale Glass c1765


Georgian Wine Glass with Pan Top Bowl Air Twist Stem c1750


Giles Gilded Facet Cut Stem Goblet c1770


Tunbridge Ware Sewing Cabinet with Cubework c1840


Georgian Antique Jewellery Box with Velvet Lining c1830


Rare James Friend Tunbridge Ware Sewing Cabinet c1815


Georgian Antique Jewellery Box with Ducal Coronet c1830


Perthshire Paperweight PP192A Faceted Butterfly 1998


Perthshire Paperweight Bouquet On Lattice Basket 1997F


Perthshire Paperweight PP192 Medium Butterfly 1998


Perthshire Paperweight Three Dimensional Bouquet 1999F


Silver and Enamel Dish by Ottar Hval Norway


Silver Pepper Mill J B Chatterley Birmingham 1974


Sterling Silver Chamberstick Barnard London 1841


Sterling Silver Cruet Set Deakin & Francis Birmingham 1948


Tunbridge Ware Two Bottle Perfume Box c1840


Tunbridge Ware Perfume Bottle Box – Butterfly Mosiac c1850


Tunbridge Ware Glove Box by Edmund Nye c1850


Tunbridge Ware Trinket Box with Cubework c1830


Engraved Tumbler from the Early 19th Century c1810


Georgian Wine Glass Balustroid Stem and Bucket Bowl c1740


Engraved Tumbler from the Early 19th Century


Georgian Cordial Glass with Baluster Stem c1735


Perthshire Paperweight Large Flower Bouquet 1986E


Perthshire Paperweight Dahlia Blossom 1985D


Perthshire Paperweight Scottish Broom 1985E


Perthshire Paperweight Floral Spray 1984D


19th Century Tumbler with Union Engraving c1810


Heavy Baluster Georgian Goblet with Air Tears c1720


19th Century Tumbler Oddfellows Diamond Point Engraved c1820


Georgian Goblet with Square Pedestal Stem c1725


Mid 19th Century Tea Caddy in Satinwood c1850


Regency Tea Caddy of Sarcophagus Form in Rosewood c1820


Tunbridge Ware Tea Caddy with Mixing Bowl by Upton c1860


Regency Tea Caddy of Sarcophagus Form in Burr Yew c1820


Paul Ysart Paperweight Single Harlequin c1970


Caithness Paperweight Millenium Fiesta Colin Terris 1999


Jane Charles Paperweight With Double Window c2000


John Deacons Paperweight Inkwell With Millefiori c1995


Georgian Wine Glass Air Twist Stem and Vermicular Collar


Georgian Wine Glass with Mercury Twist Stem c1750


Georgian Wine Glass with Air Twist Stem and Pan Topped Bowl


Georgian Wine Glass – Strawberry Moulding and Air Twist Stem


Tunbridge Ware Tea Caddy by Thomas Barton c1870


Regency Writing Slope with Rosewood Veneer c1810


Tunbridge Ware Writing Slope by William Upton c1860


Burr Yew Tea Caddy from the Mid 19th Century


Georgian Firing Glass with Lynn Rings and Opaque Twist Stem


Georgian Wine Glass with Colour Twist Stem c1770


Georgian Dram Glass with Lynn Rings and Opaque Twist Stem


Georgian Wine Glass with Opaque Twist Stem c1760


Baccarat Paperweight Concentric Millefiori Square Canes 1968


Selkirk Paperweight Lampwork Dragonfly 1980


Whitefriars Paperweight Millefiori Concentric Facet Cut 1978


Selkirk Paperweight Summer Magic Butterfly 1996


Georgian Silver Caddy Spoon Scallop Shell Bowl London 1791


Georgian Sterling Silver Sugar Sifter London 1797


Sterling Silver Mote Spoon George II c1730


Silver Caddy Spoon Birmingham 1827


Early 19th Century Tea Caddy of Sarcophagus Form c1830


Regency Tea Caddy of Sarcophagus Form c1820


Fine Regency Jewellery Box of Boat Form c1805


Regency Tea Caddy of Sarcophagus Form in Burr Yew c1820


John Deacons Paperweight Dragonfly & Butterfly c2010


Baccarat Paperweight Primrose And Millefiori c1850


Caithness Paperweight Flag Iris By Margot Thomson 1991


Caithness Paperweight Brocade Butterfly Allan Scott 1988


18th Century Multi Spiral Air Twist Wine Glass c1750


An 18th Century Air Twist Wine Glass c1750


Pan Top Air Twist Stem Wine Glass c1750


18th Century Air Twist Stem Wine Glass c1750


A Perthshire Flower On Radials Paperweight 1998A


Perthshire Paperweight With Hummingbird 1987D


Perthshire Paperweight Miniature Pansy Lampwork 1994A


Perthshire Paperweight Miniature Overlay Flower 1979C


Georgian Wine Glass with Opaque Twist Stem c1760


Single Series Opaque Twist Georgian Wine Glass c1760


Single Series Opaque Twist Georgian Wine Glass c1760


Where history in antique silver, porcelain and glass comes to life

We sell rare 17th, 18th and 19th century Georgian glass, Victorian glass and art glass by Rene Lalique, Daum, Legras , Emile Galle and more. With the arrival of Mark Hill we have both extended and modernised our range with the finest Czech and other art glass, Josephs have the finest of antique jewellery and Pete Redman offers unique and antique toys. We have a resident numismatist, silver specialist, Tunbridge Ware expert, bronzes and all things deco, chandeliers, fine art and a paperweight specialist. All our collective expertise is available on The Pantiles and on the phone.

We carry a selection of 18th century Worcester porcelain, Bow, Chelsea, Lowestoft porcelain and other English antique porcelain. We also have decorative Sèvres, Paris and other French  porcelain for sale, Meissen and other continental factories and finally both decorative and functional investment grade antique silver, coins and Tunbridge Ware.

The team provides a complete service to both domestic and international collectors.  We do not participate in trade fairs and shows other than as guest speakers. Our primary focus is on-line and our own permanent exhibition, The Pantiles Arcade in Tunbridge Wells and the benefits of that cost saving is evident in the value we deliver. Our descriptions are a testimony to accuracy, our articles are researched and validated, they remain in the public domain for ever. Our team includes multiple renowned experts and published authors. 

Having the ability to take business transactions entirely on-line to customers in every corner of the globe should they so choose via our online antique store, or personal contact at The Pantiles Arcade, if they prefer, blends the very best of the old and the new.

We have some very fine pieces that we sell on behalf of private clients at cost rates well below that of any auction room. We offer a unique service that removes the anxiety and doubt associated with buying and selling investment grade glass, silver, porcelain and investment grade items ‘online’ from private sellers.  We vet everything we sell and we provide both insurance, probate valuations and a channel to market for executors and collectors. Please contact us to discuss this further, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Please note all images are taken with white light only and this may cause some reflections. We do not use any image enhancements. All images are taken from normal viewing angles and do not exploit parallax errors. Image content therefore reflects facts rather than artistry and the resultant visual deception when taken at table top height with digital processing. 

We are located at our very own emporium The Pantiles Arcade, in The Corn Exchange on the Lower Walk of  Tunbridge Wells’  iconic  Pantiles

Come and meet our specialists.  Mark Hill, Peter Redman, Jeroen Markies, Grant Ford, David Hickmet, Pamela Goodwin, Joseph Hodge and myself and the rest of the team or contact us directly.

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About Us

We specialise in online trading.  This requires informative and accurate descriptions with relevant discussion. Accurate images with no digital enhancements . First class packaging and exemplary delivery and integrity

Our stock includes 18th century Georgian glass, wine glasses and tableware, 19th century and Victorian glass and porcelain from the most collected manufactories such as early Worcester porcelain, Sevres and Meissen porcelain, Chelsea, Derby, Coalport and Spode . We also maintain a good selection of art and decorative glass from Britain and Europe including Lalique, Daum and Schneider. We always have a selection of silverwares


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