Byzantine Clay Hand Grenade Greek Fire 9th-10th Century


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Heading : Byzantine Clay Hand Grenade
Date : 9th or 10th century
Origin : North Eastern
Marks : Impressed seal type creatues and fish/ shark
Type : Clay
Size : 8.5cm in length and 7cm in diameter
Condition : A chip across the fuse hole and a further one on the shoulder
Restoration : None
Weight : 320grams

Additional Information : A hollow piriform vessel made of red clay. There is a hole at the top of a low neck into which a fuse would be inserted. The hollow part of the vessel would have contained a mixture probably of saltpetre. sulphur. carbon and perhaps even petroleum. nobody knows for certain. These were possibly thrown or launched mechanically. It is also known that these were used in naval engagements with the aim of setting alight to enemy ships. Greek Fire was a highly incendiary compound invented in Constantinople. the secret of which was closely guarded. so guarded that the precise compounds used and their ratios are now unknown.

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