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Blue John Earrings with Diamonds and White Gold


Product Code:24040910


Heading : Blue John earrings

Desription : White gold mounted lever back earrings with Blue John drops and .15ct diamond clusters.

Size : 4×1.6cm

Weight : 8 grams

Blue John is a banded fluorite found in the vicinity of Castelton, Derbyshire. The origins of the name are uncertain, possibly French or from itinerant Cornish miners, however, the colours within the mineral can be blue, yellow, violet and amethyst banded with white and some pieces can display a rose like tint. Resources are becoming increasing scarce. In the late 18th and early 19th century Matthew Boulton the highly regarded silversmith made large elaborately decorated urns with Blue John and silver ormolu. Large bowls were made for silver epergnes and there are some lavish table tops cut from single pieces. As a native British gemstone it is without equal.



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Weight10 g


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