Whitby Jet Pendant Gold Chain Drop Necklace


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Heading : Whitby jet pendant necklace

Description : 9K gold mounted Whitby jet drop necklace

Size : 22.5cm lenght, pendant 0.7×1.3cm

Weight : 4 grams including chain

Jet is a semi-precious stone and has an organic origin. It is fossilised wood from a monkey puzzle tree that has been petrified over millions of years due to the pressure to which it is subjected. One can find jet in many parts of the world, China, Siberia, Germany, Spain and the USA. but that from North Yorkshire in the environs of Whitby is renowned for its quality. Queen Victoria was the most famous advocate as she took to wearing elaborately carved pievces of Whitby Jet jewellery following the passing of her beloved husband Albert. It has remained ever popular with rock musicians and Goths and has returned to the catwalk and high fashion and not just evening wear.

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Weight100 g


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