Asprey Sterling Silver Box of Motoring Interest London 1961


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Heading : Sterling silver table cigarette box
Date : Hallmarked in London in 1961 for Asprey & Co.
Period : Elizabeth II
Origin : London. England
Decoration : Embellished with machined decoration with cast floral rims. Internally parcel gilt. The interior bares the following dedication: “To B. O. D. on his retirement from his colleagues at Jack Barclay Ltd.”
Size :  13×8.7×4.2cm
Condition : Excellent. light wear only
Restoration : None
Weight :  366 grams (11.7 troy)

Jack Barclay Ltd is the worlds oldest Bentley dealership. It opened in 1927 and B. O. D. joined three years later – and worked their for nearly as long as Jack Barclay himself who retired only four years after the man to whom this box was dedicated. Unfortunately we have been unable to discover any more about the person to whom this was given.


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Weight500 g


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