George Unite Sterling Silver Wick Trimmer Birmingham 1838


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Heading : Early Victorian sterling silver wick trimmers
Date : Hallmarked in Birmingham 1838 for George Unite
Period : Victoria ( the first full year of her reign)
Origin :Birmingham. England

Decoration : Scroll shanks and ring handles
Size :  Length 12.4cms
Condition : Excellent . Fully functional and tested
Restoration : None
Weight : 58  grams ( 1 4/5 troy ounces)

Prior to the mid 19th century the tallow (animal fat) or wax of a candle burned faster than the wick. To promote a steady flame. the wick needed to be trimmed. These are intended to trim the wick of a candle. The burned bits of greasy wick are caught in the box. Some trimmers have steel inserts to promote easier cutting. these do not.

Wick trimmers are often called candle snuffers and indeed having tested these it is possible to snuff out a candle by pressing the burning wick into the box. However why trim the wick when you can use a purpose made conical snuffer.

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