Georgian Sterling Silver Candle Wick Trimmer or Snuffer London 1791

Heading : Georgian Sterling Silver Candle Wick Trimmer or Snuffer* 1791
Date : Hallmarked in London for Walter Brind or William Birch in 1791
Period : George III
Origin :London, England

Decoration : Reeded wire shank and ring handles; reeded borders to the 'snouff box'
Size :  Length 16.3 cm
Condition : Excellent . Fully functional and tested; has a sprung action, and a steel blade
Restoration : None
Weight : 88 grams (1⅔ 1 troy ozs)

The finest examples that we have offered for sale

*Prior to the mid 19th century the tallow (animal fat) or wax of a candle burned faster than the wick. To promote a steady flame, the wick needed to be trimmed. These are intended trim the wick of a candle. The burned bits of greasy wick are caught in the box.

These burned sections of the wick were known as snouff, or snoff - hence the name of the tool; as candles were often inadvertently extinguished during the trimming of the snouff, the word became synonymous with the candle going out, and this evolved in to 'snuffing' which remains in common use today.







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