A Charles I Exeter Silver Seal-top Spoon c1635

Heading : A Charles  Exeter Silver Seal-top Spoon
Date : Hallmarked in Exeter For Edward Anthony
Period : Charles 1
Origin : Exeter , England

Decoration : Parcel gilt, conventional seal-top. The bowl is struck with the Exeter mark and the reverse of the stem with and E above A mark. The reverse of the bowl is engraved NN 16F36
Size :  Height cm, base diameter cm
Condition :  Some wear to the gilt and some minor dings to the bowl
Restoration : None
Weight :  51grams ( xx troy)

Edward Anthony was a puritan and this pre-dates the English Civil War during which much provincial silver was turned into coinage to pay Royalist and Parliamentarian alike. Edward Anthony will have witnessed the siege of Exeter by the Royalists .

It is not beyond the realms of possibility that he may have defended the city thus preventing this spoon from being repurposed and minted into something new as was the case in Bristol, Oxford and elsewhere.

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