Sterling Silver Quart Domed Tankard London 1774


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Heading : 18th century domed silver tankard
Date : 1774
Period : George III
Origin : John Payne. London. England
Body : Baluster with loop handle to cover. domed lid and girdle. Crest of the Pilkington family of Yorkshire with motto “Now Thus”
Size : 22 cms tall
Condition : Excellent. marks clean and clear
Restoration : None
Weight : 795 grams (25.5 Troy ounces)

The underside is embossed with the name of a retailer. Lambert of Coventry street who were resident from 1803 to 1811

This has a quart capacity being standard measure in taverns in the 18th and early 19th century. it is still a legal measure today but very few pubs have glasses or tankards beyond the stanard pint capacity.

These are wonderful to use and the perfect gift for the man with almost everything. just remember not to leave it behind on the bar.

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Weight1500 g


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