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A Bronze Pint Measure With Copper Rim c.1890

Heading : A bronze pint measure , assayed at the standards office in Stockton, County Durham
Date : c.1890
Period : Victoria
Origin : Unknown, but approved by the Stocton standards office

Decoration : Riveted handle with thumb rest. Pewter button
Size :  Height 12.0 cm,
Condition : Good some dings. Does not leak
Restoration : None
Weight : 500 grams

There has been legislation in Britain about weights and measures of beer since Magna Carta. Nothing offends a British man more than a short measure in a pub. In the days before pint glasses were acid etched with a fill line this was the solution. Measuring tankards were made for all legal measures from a quarter gill to a gallon. The quart is still a legal measure in pubs and it is  shame that so few pubs stock glasses or tankards large enough as they reduce the length of queues at the bar.



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