Large Regency Sterling Silver Coffee Pot London 1830

Heading : Large Regency Silver Coffee Pot - London 1830 - with Sybells family crest
Date : base hallmarked for Jonathan Hayne, London in 1830; further matching marks to the lid and handle
Period : Regency - William IV
Origin : London, England

Decoration : A lobed baluster body decorated with upward-pointing leaves around its widest part, and engraved with two heraldic devices (each showing 'five halberts, erect, corded together' which is the crest of the Sybells family); the finial shows an open rose alongside a bud resting on five leaves and their stem, with further leaves underneath; the handle - with two insulators - is decorated with simplified roses and leaves; the whole sits on a simple scalloped base.
Size :  Height 22.1 cm, base diameter 10.1 cm
Condition : Excellent; two almost imperceptible dings to the lower part of the body; a very light scratch close to the handle runs between both terminals
Restoration : Cleaned and polished
Weight :  868 grams (27.9 oz troy)




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