Engraved Sterling Silver Toddy Ladle 1799


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Heading : Sterling silver toddy ladle
Date : Dated 1799
Period : George III
Origin : Britain

Decoration : Twisted whalebone handle. Engraved on the underside of the bowlwith a monogram. ears of barley and date 1799
Size :  Length : 38m
Condition : Some scratches around the rim of the bowl. The uppermost solder joint between the stem and the bowlbroken. the two remaining joints on the tonge remain firm
Restoration : None
Weight 41 grams 

Historical Irrelevance: William Pitt intoduces income tax in 1799 at a rate of two shillings per pound . ten percent. as a temporary measure to pay for war with France. This was termporarily repealed and reinstated. We have not engaged in any military action against France as a whole since 1815 and Vichy France since 1944 and yet the tax unsuprisingly remains in force.

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