Sterling Silver Wine Label for Bucellas London 1820


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1 in stock


Heading : Sterling silver Bucellas wine label
Date : Hallmarked in London in 1820 for William Eaton
Period : Regency
Origin : London. England

Decoration : Pie crust rims with acanthus leaf and scallop shell decoration
Size :  Label alone: 5.5×3.5cm – with chain 12cm
Condition : Excellent
Restoration : None
Weight :  27 grams (0.9 troy)

Excellent gauge. at just shy of 1 troy oz this label has a very satisfying weight to it. 

Our oenophile in residence advises us that Bucellas as it is known nowadays is similar to Hock and is grown in the hills to the north of Lisbon. We are now seeking a bottle of this apparently dry white.

The wine had been consumed in England since the 16th century but escalated in popularity in the 18th and early 19th century when wine price of wine increased with taxation and ultimately a ban on the importation of French wines and spirits when ‘Boney became increasingly belligerent.

If they did turn off the electricity supply to Jersey Im sure we could manage on the superb international award-winning English wines now being produced in Kent and Sussex ably supported by the English speaking New World.



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