Sterling Silver Madeira Decanter Label by Elizabeth Morley 1811


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Heading : Sterling Silver Madeira Decanter Label
Date : Hallmarked in London 1811 For Elizabeth Morley
Period : George III
Origin : London England

Decoration : Engraved ‘madeira’ reeded border
Size :  4cm x 2.2cm
Condition : Excellent
Restoration : None
Weight :  9grams


Good to have another lady silversmith from the late 18th century. there were more than just Hester Bateman ! Elizabeth Jones. Barnett. Munns. Cooke and Aldridge to name but a few more Lizzies. This may seem to be very liberated until you discover that women silversmiths were only allowed to register their own mark after their husband had passed away.

The crimes of the 18th century were not limited to just slavery and vile acts of misogny. What about the Darien disaster and the manner in which thousands were sent to their deaths by fellow Scots and the subsequent bakruptcy of a nation such that the English had to come to the financial rescue with the first ever bail out.





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