Two Beehive Decanters Rare Screw Top Variant c1780


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Heading : Two beehive decanters with screw tops
Date : 1760- 1790
Origin : Germany. possibly Bohemia
Colour : Clear
Stopper : Original ‘screw-fit’ stopper. Rope loop ring with mounted “zinn”  rings
Body : Beehive with bands of printie “kugel” cuts
Foot : Applied conical form
Pontil : Snapped
Glass Type : Low lead
Size : 21cm tall and 8cm in diameter
Condition : Excellent. no chips or cracks. clean and clear. Screw-fit stopper in excellent condition
Restoration : One foot has a had had a light polish in one quadrant
Weight : 588 grams

Additional Information : Screw-fit stoppers are made to fit each individual vessel. Most beehive decanters of this type and period are not intact. This is only our fourth example they are remarkable survivors. They are not an exact matching pair. the incised loop and height differs slightly, however they are handmade and of same form and age. The metal zinn( ‘Tin’) loops are an original fitting and have not been applied to secure cracks or conceal damage, they are entirely decorative

References : for English beehive examples

The Decanter. An Illustrated History by Andy McConnell – page 109 plate 156

The images have been given to Andy McConnell for book The Decanter Ancient to Modern and may now be seen on page 130 plate 3

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Weight1000 g


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