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A Derby Porcelain 'Pale Family' Seated Figure of Spring c1758

Heading :  A Derby Porcelain 'Pale Family' Figure emblematic of Spring
Date : 1758
Period :George11
Marks :Early pad marks and large 'screw hole'
Origin :Derby, England
Colour :Polychrome and gilt
Pattern : Fine floral detail to girls gown
Features : Modeled seated  upon a scroll form base and with gentle forward lean whilst adorned with a chaplet of partially opened flowers and holding the same
Condition :Good
Restoration : None detected
Dimensions : 10.6cm
Weight : 147 grams

Reference :

For a slightly more upright variant of this same figure together with a male companion from the same set of seasons and emblematic of Summer See Derby Porcelain. Barrett and Thorpe pages 11 and 18 plate 48.

Also Derby Porcelain Figures 1750-1848. Bradshaw P .Page 72 plate 61 (D21) for a similar pair on pad bases.

Also Derby Porcelain 'The Golden Years 1750-1770 ' Rice D G. Page 131 plate 88 and 89 for the same variants dated to 1757-1758 and in Derby Museum Collection.

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