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Derby Porcelain Botanical Dessert Plate c1795

Heading :  Derby porcelain dessert plate
Date : c1795
Period : George III
Marks : Derby crown and D in blue. Pelargonium Tricolor, Three Coloured Cranes Bill.
Origin : Derby, England
Colour : Polychrome
Pattern : Botanical pattern 141
Features : Soft paste porcelain dessert plate, hand painted with a tri coloured Pelalgonuim
Condition : Chip underside of rim as shown 0.8cm. This may easily be restored, please ask for details if required.
Restoration : None  
Dimensions : 22.4cm in diameter
Weight : 340 grams

This is a faithful copy of plate 240 volume 7 of Botanical Magazine from 1794.

The name of the naturalist and collector Hans Sloane is more widely recognised by porcelain collectors that that of William Curtis the Kew botanist and illustrator. The Botanical Magazine started in 1787 has been a primary inspiration for decorators and painters for over 200 years. William Duesbury purchased the first four years and three months of the publication in April 1791 to inspire painters within the manufactory. An inspired decision.

We recently heard Andy McConnell describe porcelain as "painted mud" . We hope that this piece of art goes some way to his education.


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