Robert Hancock King of Prussia Worcester Porcelain Mug 1757


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Heading :  Robert Hancock Worcester porcelain King of Prussia mug
Date : c1770
Period : George III
Marks :None
Origin : Worcester. England
Colour : Black and white
Pattern :
Portrait of Frederick King of Prussia and integral date 1757 interspaced by martial trophies and the reverse with the winged figure of  Fame No 1.

Features: Looped handle
Condition : Excellent. no chips or cracks
Restoration : None
Dimensions : 12cm height. approx 10cm diameter at widest point – 7 gills (7/8 of a pint)
Weight : 284 grams

Notes : Frederick the Great. otherwise known as Old Fritz. was one of the world’s true great leaders. A champion of the Enlightenment he pushed for modernisation in his realm and Prussia became rather more of a meritocracy under his reign than anywhere else in Europe. Almost certainly a homosexual he died without an heir. Along with Catherine the Great he is seen as the ultimate example of an enlightened despot. The motif showing the King’s battle honours includes the initials RH – possibly for Hancock as above. and there is also an anchor at the base of the cannon’s breech which is the ‘rebus’ for Richard Holdship. Worcester’s transfer-printing guru; there is. however. another school of thought which suggests that both RH and the anchor combined signify Holdship. and that Hancock’s work was singled out by the further inclusion of a cockerel device. so be aware that this distinction is not – well – black and white…


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