Worcester Porcelain Ribbed Lidded Tea Canister c1780


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Heading : Worcester Porcelain Ribbed Lidded Tea Canister 
Date : 1775 – 1785
Period : George III
Marks : None
Origin : Worcester. England
Colour : White base; overglaze polychrome; brown ring to edge of lid and rim of neck

Pattern : unnamed floral sprays
Features : Moulded. ribbed body and lid with flower finial; hand painted with floral sprays and sprigs
: 16.8 cm tall including the cover and approximately 8.8 cm in diameter to the widest point
Condition : Excellent; no chips or cracks; there are some fleabites to the finial petals and a couple of very small underglaze inclusions to the body; wear to the brown edge detail on the mouth and lid; there is a very small flake out of the underside of the lid’s lip
Restoration : None
Weight : 316 
grams combined

References : Worcester Porcelain 1751-1790 – The Zorensky Collection  (Spero & Sandon 1996); pages 283 & 285

Notes : Messrs Spero and Sandon draw our attention to the fact that the word ‘caddy’ for a tea storage vessel did not enter common usage until the last few years of the 18th century. with canister being used prior to that (as per Worcester’s own factory records); ‘caddy’ is an anglicised variant of the Malaysian word ‘kati’. which was a unit of tea-weight equivalent to just under 21 ounces

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