Worcester Porcelain Feather Moulded Floral Pattern Coffee Cup and Saucer 1757 -84

Heading : Worcester Porcelain Feather Moulded Floral Pattern Coffee Cup and Saucer: 1757 - 1784
Date : 1757 - 1784
Period : George II or George III
Marks : Outlined crescent on the saucer; tiny workman's mark similar to the 'icthys' or 'proportional to' symbol on the cup
Origin : Worcester; England
Colour : Underglaze blue
Pattern : Known as the Floral Pattern, peculiar to Worcester's feather-moulded output; many examples of this pattern have run and/or smudged due to being applied to the contoured surface, but in this instance both pieces are sharp and clear

Features: Whilst both pieces feature the same decoration, the cup is made from a slightly whiter porcelain than the saucer.
Condition : Saucer excellent - no chips, cracks or flakes; the cup has a hairline crack from the rim down to the base, right through the body and tiny flakes of lost glaze on the rim adjacent to the crack; there are some tiny underglaze inclusions to the base of the well
Restoration : none - the cup has never separated along crack which has - therefore - not been repaired
Dimensions : saucer 2.5 cm high x 11.6cm in diameter - cup 5.4 cm high x 6.6 cm diameter
Weight : 130g combined

ReferencesThe Dictionary of Worcester Porcelain 1751-1851 (John Sandon 1993) - page 152



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