Worcester Porcelain Queen Charlotte Pattern Trio c1790


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Heading :  Worcester Porcelain Queen Charlotte Pattern Trio
Date : 1783-92
Period : George III
Marks : Open crescent to coffee can and saucer
Origin : Worcester . England
Colour : Imari palette
Pattern :  Queen Charlotte

Condition : Excellent. Minor losses to the gilding on the rim of the saucer only
Restoration None
Dimensions : The saucer 13.7 cm diameter. the tea cup 8.0 cm and the coffee 7.1 cm; their respective depth/heights are 3.1 cm. 5.8 cm and 6.6 cm
Weight : 262g

The pattern takes inspiration from Japanese Imari wares and it was a widely copied style both in Europe and China. Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz met the soon to be George III at the marriage altar and became Queen just two weeks later. We know that the royal couple visited the Worcester factory in 1788 and made purchases. but its is most likely that Worcester simply took the opportunity to use the name Queen Charlotte as a marketing ploy. Had the Queen herself inspired a design then surely it would be reasonable to expect a teutonic influence not anything oriental. and almost certainly a design containing flora as she is known to have been a very keen botanist. Queen Charlotte pattern is also more memorable a name than ‘fence pattern’ or ‘fruit and moths’ – and thus the marketing ploy is still doing its job some 250 years later.

Reference. The Dictionary of Worcester Porcelain (H Sandon) p103

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