Liverpool Porcelain Richard Chaffers and Co Quart Tankard


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Heading : A Liverpool Porcelain quart tankard / mug
Date : 1760-1765
Period : George11 / George111
Marks :none
Origin :Richard Chaffers. Shaw’s Brow. Liverpool. England
Colour :Blue and white
Pattern : Chinoiserie trailing flora and fence design beneath a narrow lattice band at the top rim
Features : Strap handle with scroll terminal. flat unglazed base
Condition :Good
Restoration :None detected
Dimensions : Height 15.6cms. 10.5cms diameter. Quart capacity.
Weight : 769 Grams

Reference :

For a tankard of this same shape and tea wares with the same narrow lattice border See Liverpool Porcelain 1756-1804 Hillis Maurice. page150 plates 5.12 and5.11.

We are often asked when does a mug become a tankard or does a mug become tankard when it grown up. It is a little more simple. If intended for hot liquids then it is a mug. A piece of this stature was always intended for beer. to be served at of just below room temperature. but never chilled.

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Weight1500 g


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