New Hall Porcelain Trio - Tiger & Landscape Pattern 1214 - c1820

Heading : New Hall Porcelain Trio - Tiger & Landscape Pattern 1214
Date : c1820
Period : George III - George IV
Marks : Decorator's mark - iron red V to both cups; saucer unmarked
Origin : Hanley, England
Colour : gold, iron red, puce, mazarine and pale blue
Pattern : rich pattern featuring a tiger beneath a tree amidst a detailed landscape
Features: ring-handles to both tea cup and coffee can
Condition : very good; a little roughness to the foot-rim of the coffee can; some pinprick spots of discolouration under the glaze within the tea cup along with two very small patches of kiln spit inside the rim
Restoration : none
Dimensions : coffee can 6.3 cm high x 6.6 cm diameter; tea cup 5.9 cm high x 8.1 cm diameter; saucer 2.7 cm high x 13.8 cm diameter
Weight : 255 grams combined

ReferencesA Partial Reconstruction of the New Hall Pattern Book (Preller, 2003); page 47






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