Spode Pattern 889 Porcelain Trio c1805-10

Heading : Spode Pattern 889 Porcelain Trio c1805-10
Date : c1805
Period : George III
Marks : none
Origin : Stoke-upon-Trent, England
Colour : white ground; gilt, iron red and lilac decoration
Pattern : 889 - stylised leaves, tendrils, roses and acanthus flowers
Features : double-kick handles on both coffee can and tea cup
Condition : Good; internal crazing to the inside of the can which has some light staining, and a burst bubble on the outer face towards the bottom; tea cup - glaze crazing to inside and out with slight staining internally, v-shaped glaze crack to the base within the foot-rim;  unstained glaze-crazing to upper and lower faces and some tiny under-glaze inclusions around the base of the cavetto; gilding good on all three pieces
Restoration : none
Dimensions : can 6.1 cm height x 6.6 cm diameter - teacup 
6.0 cm height x 8.6 cm diameter- saucer 2.8 x 14.0 cm

Weight : 309 grams 


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