Swansea Porcelain Dessert Plate By Henry Morris c1816

Heading : Swansea Porcelain Dessert Plate c1816
Date : 1815-1817
Period : George III
Marks : Faint impressed trident mark
Origin : Swansea, South Wales
Colour : polychrome and gilt on white grounds
Pattern : large central spray with three other flowers/sprigs within gilt palmate leaf border

Condition : excellent; slight gilt rubbing; underglaze inclusions to the base of the well and lip; very small 3mm flaked chip to the underside of the rim, along with a small patch of kiln spit
Restoration : none
Dimensions : 3.4 cm deep x 22.8 cm diameter
Weight : 382 grams

Note : We ascribe these to Henry Morris on the basis of identifying features noted in the volume referenced below - namely, the presence of a single, long-stemmed flower in the largest posy, and the addition of tonal colouration to the auriculae.

Reference : Swansea Porcelain (W D John, 1958) page 90 et seq

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