Bow Porcelain Seated Rustic Seasons Figure of Winter c1765

Heading :  Bow Porcelain Seated Rustic Seasons Figure of  Winter c1765
Date : c1765
Period : George III
Marks : None
Origin : New Canton factory, Bow, London, England
Colour : Mauve coat with yellow lining, and blue breeches; polychrome base. Gilded detail
Pattern : Winter, from the 'seated four seasons' group
Condition : Good, there's a patch of lost enamel and fritted glaze to the back of the cowl; he's also lost the tips of his fingers on one hand; small losses to the flowers around his feet; the feet of the base show kiln spit, embedded dirt and small adhesion losses from manufacture; some small irregular firing cracks to the base
Restoration : None
Dimensions : Height 17.3 cm tall
Weight : 679 grams

Reference :V & A museum number CIRC.248-1931



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