Bow Blanc De Chine Coffee Cup and Saucer c1750-55

Heading : Bow Blanc De Chine Coffee Cup and Saucer c1750-55
Date : c1750-55
Period : George II
Marks : none
Origin : Bow's New Canton factory
Colour : uncoloured
Pattern : applied floral 'sprigs' to both pieces
Features : Cup - two small sprigs and one larger one; saucer - three sprigs - intermediate in size to those on the cup
Condition : Excellent; cup is flawless other than an unglazed patch 5 x 7mm on the bowl and some tiny cracks in the glaze around the base and on the edge of one applied decoration; saucer has minor chips to the base; both have gritty inclusions under the glaze; no cracks
Restoration : none
Dimensions : cup 6.2cm high 6cm diameter to rim, 3.1cm at base; saucer 11.6cm diameter; 2.3 cm high
Weight : 185 grams (combined)

Note:  The applied sprig style of decoration (copied from the French manufactory at St Cloud) was detailed on the very first recorded Bow Porcelain Company invoice, which states that - in February 1749 - a Miss Bruce purchased, amongst other things "...2 pint Sprig'd Mugs and 6 handled Sprig'd cups" for the sum of one pound, nineteen shillings and sixpence. 


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