Lowestoft Moulded Monochrome Sauce Boat c1775

Heading : Lowestoft Monochrome Sauce Boat 
Date : 1765 - 1785
Period : George III
Marks : None
Origin : Lowestoft; England
Colour : Monochrome - underglaze blue
Pattern : Something akin to the Worcester 'three flowers' pattern to the flanks of the body, but the internal spray, decoration around the side of the rim and to the spout and neck (inside and out) are distinctively Lowestoft in origin.

Features: Moulded floral pattern to the body which sits on a high - and thick-rimmed - foot; the inverted rims are raised to a very distinctive point roughly half-way from back to front.
Condition : Excellent; no chips or flakes - just some tiny pin-prick holes to the glaze (one of which has stained) and a crack around the lower handle terminal; there are some small scorch-marks to the rim, some staining to the inside of the pouring spout and to the foot rim, and a few inadvertent ink-marks from the decorating process
Restoration ; none
Dimensions : 19.6 cm in length and 10.4 cm to the top of the handle
Weight : 333 grams

References: Lowestoft Porcelains (Godden 1969) page 110; plate 131 - British Porcelain Sauce Boats of the 18th Century (Panes 2009) page 180; fig 296



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