John Rose Coalport Candlelight Imari Vine Trio c1815


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Heading : Coalport porcelain candlelight imari vine trio   
Date : c1815
Period : George III / Regency 
Marks : Underglaze blue cross and dot painters mark
Origin : Shropshire 
Colour : Polychrome 
Pattern : Candlelight Imari vine 
Features : Heavily gilded 
Condition :
Excellent. only minor wear to the gilding
Restoration : None
Dimensions : 6cm height coffee can. 6.5cm diameter coffee can. 6cm teacup height. 8cm diameter teacup. 14cm diameter saucer. 
Weight :  299 grams

Reference :New Hall and its Imitators by David Holgate Pg. 93

This is a more elaborate and intensely decorated version of the New Hall imari vine pattern 446. The design has also been heavily influenced by the contemporary Spode candlelight patterns. This is simply stunning


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Weight500 g


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